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<Environmental non-woven bags> to promote

<Environmental non-woven bags> as a matter of fact than plastic bags, paper is more durable, customers will not be afraid of "perforated bags" and the need to obtain a number of shops in plastic bags or paper bag to make waste.
A durable <environmental non-woven bags>, beautiful appearance, in line with the trend is to attract people to recycle, and if the street is a place with a printed trademark of the company / brand advertising, it will be a flow of a Billboards.

Fine <environmental non-woven bags> compared with the general wrapped paper , adhesive tape is more easily disposed of in Hong Kong each year out of date to deal with the holiday wrapping paper for several pick up 10,000 tons, if we simplify the gift package only to environmentally-friendly bags can reduce the material and simple Convenience.


Present-day society, a strong sense of environmental protection, use of <environmental non-woven bags> not only the implementation of environmental protection, but also for the shops, department stores and various types of companies in business-like.

In fact, each owned <environmental non-woven bags> can reduce the cost of packaging companies. 

<Environmental non-woven bags> for hang on the shoulders, hands compared with the draft the way health, the minimum number of hands, when they also fall to support his hands.
Fresh corruption of human nature, if you were in the two shops to buy the same quality things, were two different packaging, is a <environmental non-woven bags> and the other is an ordinary plastic bag, do you think that most stores You can get a sense of satisfaction?

There are no plastic and paper bags were Council have issued a number of voices, the sound is no big deal to use <environmental non-woven bags> would not have these problems.

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